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Sunset Siding, Windows & Roofing is the exterior contractor that focuses on keeping your home safe and secure from the top to the bottom. We know that properly installed gutters give you added protection from seeping under your shingles and behind your siding along with keeping water away from your foundation. Get the reliable gutter system that comes in a variety of styles and colors that will coordinate with your home perfectly. Our brand name gutters offer additional peace of mind year after year.


Industry-Leading Gutter Covers from GutterDome Are Unmatched in Their Durability and Performance

The products that GutterDome manufactures have many advanced features that make them among the finest gutter protection systems available today. For example, all of our gutter guards feature a slight dome shape to prevent the accumulation of debris better than other gutter guard products. They also are made of the highest quality extruded aluminum, which outlasts the rolled aluminum and plastic materials that other manufacturers use. Plus, our gutter guards feature a clear anodizing finish that prevents corrosion and keeps them looking and working like new – even after years of use.

What’s more, our gutter shields are available in different styles to ensure we have a product that is ideal for virtually any home. Our GutterDome Adjustable gutter covers, for example, can be used in conjunction with our specialized fastener – Clynch Channel™ – allowing them to be installed on nearly any home, regardless of the roof’s material or pitch. Additionally, our GutterDome Magma uses a larger mesh that is ideal for homes in colder climates and high water flow areas. It can even be equipped with an integrated heat cable to melt ice and snow. Furthermore, each style of gutter guard we offer is available for both 4-5 inch and 6-7 inch gutters.

Perhaps best of all, GutterDome gutter covers are backed by an incredible 30-Year Lifetime Material Warranty. This is the longest warranty available for gutter guards today, so homeowners can rest easy knowing their investments are protected.