Kolbe Wood Clad Windows

Innovative Solutions for Design Trends

Kolbe windows are for people who care about the big picture and the smallest detail. We go beyond the mainstream options to defy the limits of function, performance and style.

Casement Windows

Opening on the side, casements offer daylight, fresh air, energy efficiency, versatility, and a vast array of options.

  • Crank-Out Casements - Offer excellent energy efficiency, with folding handles and optional triple pane glass.
  • Push-Out Casements - Offer uncomplicated hardware, nearly effortless operation, and a charming aesthetic.
  • Inswing Casements - Offer elegant, European styling and a solution for areas where outdoor space is limited.
Awning Windows

Opening on the bottom, awning windows combine well with many other window types and offer ventilation even in light rain.

  • Crank-Out Awnings - Offer excellent energy efficiency, with optional triple pane glass and extra-large sizes.
  • Push-Out Awnings - Offer uncomplicated hardware, nearly effortless operation, and ventilation even in light rain.
Double Hung Windows

Double Hungs are made up of two sash – one above the other – operating by sliding up and down. We offer colonial American style, with endless hardware, color and configuration options.

  • Sterling Double Hungs - Provide outstanding operation and performance due to innovative hardware, as well as the luxurious, tailored appearance of finely crafted furniture.
  • Traditional Double Hungs - Offer tilt-in sash with classic styling and many different options such as compressed jamb liners and charming, cottage-style sash.
Sliding Windows

Up to four sash, side-by-side, these windows can be used in pass-through situations and where space is at a premium.

  • Single Sliding Windows - Offer convenient ventilation with no space restrictions, and two sash, with one sash that operates.
  • Double Sliding Windows - Offers side-by-side, two-sash operation for convenient ventilation without space restrictions.
  • Triple Sliding Windows - Features three sash, side-by-side, for a large daylight opening, along with smooth, sliding operation.
Specialty Windows

Offer distinct advantages in situations demanding a unique shape, structure or operation.

  • Corner Windows - Corner angle allows an expansive view, with a crisp, contemporary aesthetic.
  • Folding Windows - Offer innovative, expansive operation that is uniquely adaptable to servicing entertainment areas.
  • Geometric Windows - Offer contemporary, angular lines with a crisp aesthetic.
  • Tilt-Turn Windows - Marry classic European style with technologically-advanced hardware, for multi-functional venting capabilities.

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